Neuro Transformations is a specific and unique form of life coaching that redirects thought patterns in the brain. Removing blocks that keep one from achieving set goals. Redirecting synapses in the brain, through a gentle form of hypnosis, using binaural beats and specific sound waves inset in a specialized guided meditation created and tailor made to each clients needs. Along with planned universal law lessons and coaching, this truly amazing and profound strategy, is positively life changing!

Neuro-Transformations and Life Coaching Information:

A Deeper Look

Kindness Journal


Keeping a kindness journal helps to cultivate a grateful mindset and establish easy access to your positive goals and desires.

Homework suggestions will be periodically given as positive tools to be used in your healing and growing process.

* A kindness journal is not a diary, specific lessons and details will be given upon commitment to Neuro-transformational process

Life Coaching 

* Intuitive guidance and teachings:

  • Universal laws (Law of Attraction)
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly meetings (person/phone/skype/facetime)
  • Brain function
  • Memory traps (rubber-banding)
  • Meditation Lessons
  • Visualization methods
  • Raise energetic vibrations
  • Switch cost (change activates fear)
  • Mastery of fear
  • Emotional management
  • How and when to take action
  • Journaling
  • Water Crystal Experiments
  • Discovery of personal life goals
  • Overcoming blocks for good
  • Daily/Weekly inspirational quotes and notes sent via text/email
  • and more....

Personalized Guided Meditations


*Specific sound frequencies used to raise the energetic vibrations of the body

*Binaural beats added to relax and soften the mind, allowing new desired thoughts and beliefs to take root

*Positive affirmations, created specific to each individuals needs, gently laid over top of flowing meditational music

*Meditational music may include some or all of the following: Soothing sounds of the universe, instruments, and nature

All creating a positive, confident strength in the mind,body,and soul. Super -charging the speed in which to then create our desired manifestations!