Neuro-Transformation was developed by Shana Pyzik, after studying the law of attraction, sound therapy and the many functions of the brain for over 15 years. Using these magnificent methods on both herself and others and reaping the amazing benefits, led her to officially release her discoveries and help the public masses, in the form of "Neuro-transformational life coaching"! 

A few of the many branches involved in this life changing method are as follows:

*Life coaching, *Intuitive guidance, *Personalized guided meditations, *Universal teachings, * Simple home-based activities to keep you on track, *24/7 availability via text, email and phone, *Weekly or Biweekly sessions (via phone or in person), *Studio quality headphones, *Personal journal/pen, *Pure essential oil blend for added motivation


Shana Pyzik was born a highly intuitive empath, capable of feeling and seeing things very different than most. A quiet observer of life, both her own and all that surrounded her. And as she grew into womanhood, discovered her ability to heal those in need. Having enjoyed many careers such as an early childhood development teacher (until having three beautiful children of her own), dance choreographer and personal trainer, and finally a very successful hair stylist at an award winning, five star salon, has allowed her to meet and work with all ages and walks of life!  Also having survived and overcome many pit falls on her own journey including severe anxiety, years of uncontrollable panic attacks, abandonment and other issues only personally discussed on a need to know basis, has all lead her to her uncontrollable divine urge to help those in need. All of these magnificent life lessons leading  her to this wonderful healing place of  Neuro-transformationalist and life coaching specialist.  Shana has trained (and continues to both train and teach) in many  different fields of alternative healing methods, including functions of the brain, synapses, neurotransmitters and other forms of psychology.  The healing powers of crystals and therapeutic grade essential oils are also part of Shana's knowledge of healing modalities. Along with her  loving husband of over twenty years, utilizing his undeniable musical talents, in their personal and professional recording studio, together they design the meditational -sound therapy used to help all of Shana's clientele. Having already helped many to overcome personal obstacles and blocks,  Shana continues to teach her wonderful clients how to take their power back and live life on purpose, positively changing their life paths forever! She is also the author of the upcoming book "How to be your own superhero". A fun and informational book designed for young adolescents, teaching how to take control of  life situations, make their own joy and find bliss in every moment! (More information to come regarding book release date and other book related information.)

"There is no greater bliss, than watching someone blossom into a strong, confident, in control, joyful, self-loving human and knowing that you helped them to discover that it was there inside of them all along!"

"With great LOVE and HOPE for a bright, beautiful future, I look forward to using my divine gifts to help all those in need."