My book is finally available on Amazon!

"How To Be Your Own Superhero"


How to be your own Superhero is a one of a kind guidebook for young adolescents in regards to the Law of Attraction. It’s a great tool for parents and grandparents looking to help their children, and themselves, get a better understanding of this wonderful, universal subject! This book written in a simplified manner, includes age-appropriate examples, funny and personable comments from the author, all the information needed to understand the L.O.A. It also includes a workbook section with multiple questions, a diary/journal area and lots of great tools and tips for the reader.

Did you know that you hold the power? The power to what, you may ask? In this amazing, fun filled book, full of “super-cool” universal information, the answers to “How to be your own Superhero”, will unfold before your very eyes…………

Your world will open up to magnificent possibilities, where you will learn the What’s, the When’s, the Where’s and the How’s of creating the life of your dreams! It’s time for you to understand that there is a “Superhero” inside of each one you, just waiting to bust free!

Go to Amazon Today! And order a copy for a child in need of self-love, confidence, strength, purpose and universal wisdom! Pass the word on and together we can make a positive change in the generations to come!



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Group Sessions/Training/Motivational Speaking

Gather your group of friends or coworkers and grow together in one easy session of Law of Attraction Training! Learn how to manifest your dreams and change your life with easy tools and lessons for the whole group. Each seminar lasts 2-4 hours depending on desired topics.  Neuro-Transformational training can be used for personal small groups of 8 or more,  small businesses  and  even large Corporate events.

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