Shana helped me through a really trying time in my life. Her energy was amazing and contagious, immediately in her presence I felt uplifted. She taught me many techniques to overcome stress and showed me many different perspectives that were immensely helpful! She is truly gifted, beautiful soul who without a doubt was called to heal. If you were thinking about using any of her services, do not hesitate - She will forever positively influence your life. I am forever grateful -  Thank you, Shana!

Anne P.


I went to see Shana for a Guided Meditation/consultation. I was not sure how this would work for me. First I talked to Shana, she is very compassionate, kind and understanding, she then made my personal Guided Meditation. It really has changed my life! My friends and family have noticed I am not as anxious. I feel as if I am much more peaceful. Within a 3 week period, I started to see serious results regarding my issues that Shana was helping me to overcome! I also had a Card Reading and it matched what was going on in my life! I wish I would have done this sooner. Best thing I have done for myself! (And on a side note- Since listening to my meditations before bed each night, I have been sleeping all through the night (it's been years!) and I have also started dreaming again.)

Diane O.


I have been utilizing Shana's coaching and meditations for over a year now and am amazed at the growth in my personal life! I originally decided to go to her for weight loss issues but quickly realized that it wasn't that simple and I had some all around mind work to do. She made me my first personalized guided meditation dedicated to a healthy mindset regarding my body and I lost 20 pounds within the first month! I have been sleeping great and haven't had one single nightmare since I started my nightly routine of listening to my personal meditation!  After working with her longer and receiving more personalized meditations and coaching on Mind, Body and Spirit healing, both myself and people around me have noticed a significant improvement in my personality. I have learned how to react better to negative circumstances and life in general, allowing an abundance of good into my life! I hope to keep working with her and making my life better and better. 

Denise Y.